National Conference of
Appellate Court Clerks

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Blake Hawthorne, President of NCACC

President's Message

Blake A. Hawthorne, Clerk of the Court, Supreme Court of Texas. The National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks is now entering its forty-second year of providing high-quality education and support to those who administer appellate courts. As NCACC President, I am honored to serve a group that constantly strives to share best practices and improve the administration of appellate courts. Although we have the word "national" in our title, our membership is not limited to the United States. We currently have members from Canada and Australia and invite appellate court clerks in tribal courts and in the appellate courts of other countries to join us!

State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting

Members of the NCACC are working with The Court Statistics Project to review and update appellate caseload reporting guidelines. The Court Statistics Project (CSP), after having analyzed several years of appellate court caseload data using the data collection model recommended in the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting, has become aware of various court processes that differ from the assumptions made by the CSP staff and that may affect the manner in which appellate cases are being counted and compared across courts. In an effort to determine the extent of these variations in process, CSP staff requests that you review the appellate process flowchart and recommended counting rules provided here.

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