National Conference of
Appellate Court Clerks

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NCACC Awards

J.O. Sentell - J.O. Sentell Award
J.O. Sentell Award

The Executive Committee created an annual award to recognize distinguished service rendered by the recipient who has contributed in a substantial way to the objectives of the conference.

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Morgan Thomas - Morgan Thomas Award
Morgan Thomas Award

The Morgan Thomas Award is for recognition of an individual other than a regular member to the NCACC who has made distinguished contributions to enhancing professionalism and supporting the goals of the NCACC.

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About Us

The National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks was organized in 1973, with current members throughout state and federal appellate courts. The Conference has three main objectives: to improve the skill and knowledge required of those performing the duties of appellate court clerks by conferences, seminars or other educational programs; to promote and improve the contribution of the offices of appellate court clerks within the area of effective court administration; to maintain facilities for the collection and dissemination of information and ideas with regard to the operation and improvement of the offices of appellate court clerks.

The Conference seeks to accomplish these objectives through numerous activities and initiatives. One of the most important events is the annual educational conference held in conjunction with the formal business meeting of the Conference. The Docket, an educational newsletter for members, is published quarterly. The activities of the various committees are ongoing throughout the year. Executive Committee meetings are held twice yearly in locations around the country.

NCACC History

The NCACC began as a discussion among J.O Sentell, Hyman Gamso, John Powers, and Ron Dzierbicki about the need for appellate court clerks to form a professional organization. According to a 1979 article by Alexander Stevas (Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States and NCACC President), the impetus for the initial organizing meeting in November 13, 1972 was largely due to J.O. Sentell's enthusiasm for the idea. Justice Winslow Christian, former director of the National Center for State Courts, was also instrumental in facilitating the discussion that led to the creation of the NCACC. In August of the next year the organizing meeting was held at the Dolly Madison House in Washington, D.C., where J.O. Sentell was elected as the first president of the Conference.

The NCACC Past President's Committee is in the process of gathering more information about the history of the Conference to place online. To participate in that project, please contact the Chair of the Past President's Committee.