National Conference of
Appellate Court Clerks

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Regular membership in the Conference is "open to all clerks, assistant clerks or deputy clerks, or other similar positions bearing different titles of courts of last resort or intermediate appellate courts." Although we have the word "National" in our name, membership in the NCACC is not limited to courts of the US. Other types of membership are more fully explained in Article III of the By-laws [pdf].

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Benefits of Belonging

Membership in the NCACC brings several benefits to the member and to the appellate court that the member serves

  • Educational Conference. The yearly educational conference brings together appellate court professionals from a wide variety of jurisdictions and provides several days of high-quality educational sessions on a variety of topics that are selected by the members. The educational conferences are hosted and coordinated by NCACC members, and the locations vary each year. These face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity for members to discuss best practices and exchange ideas in a setting that is focused on the appellate court professional.
  • Listserv. The membership listserv is an e-mail service that allows members to post queries and respond to queries posted by others. The listserv is an invaluable tool for obtaining a quick survey of practices across different appellate courts. This proven discussion tool helps NCACC members compile answers relating to procedure, management issues, workflow, technology, and other items of interest. Some of the compiled answers are maintained in the members area of the NCACC website.
  • Publications and Reports. The membership publishes a quarterly newsletter — The Docket — which contains articles and items of interest to members. The Docket is published electronically. Quarterly issues since June 2004 are available online. In addition to the Docket, from time to time NCACC committees issue white papers on topics of interest to appellate courts. The most recent white paper is available online.
  • Committees. The vast majority of the work of the NCACC is accomplished by its committees. Members enhance their professional development and help to build the organization by joining a committee.
  • Unique network of appellate court professionals. NCACC members agree that the strength of the organization lies in the contacts between its members.